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Seven wines, one sustainably farmed vineyard.
All from a single site in Macclesfield, Adelaide Hills

Seven Eves is an exploration of the soils and microclimate of Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills, an exciting sub region on the rise. From the winemakers of Somos, this is a new label with a focus on traditional varieties, coming from Saint-Clar Vineyards, practicing organic viticulture. Macclesfield is a small subregion sitting on the south eastern border of the Adelaide Hills at 410 m in altitude, with a higher diurnal shift and drier conditions to the rest of the hills, it leads to amazing natural acidity while allowing for a cool and long ripening period.


We make seven wines in total hence why we called them Seven Eves.  Winemaking wise we play around with a lot of techniques, some wholebunch on the reds, lockdown carbonic, skin contact whites, amphora and wild ferments all around. These are the great classic varieties that grow amazingly in Maccy, all French in origin as opposed to Somos where we focus on the alternative varieties. The magic rests on the fruit. Also like Somos, Seveneves is palindrome, reading the same backwards and forwards.

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