As many of you know, we are a small winery, owned and operated by Ben and Mauricio. About 95% of our wines are sold to small wine bars, restaurants, and independent bottle shops, most of which have shut their doors for the time being. We were caught mid-vintage with the corona crisis but decided to do the right thing to our growers and honor all of our fruit contracts.
We have created this Pay Our Farmers Pack for this month only, modeled after the deal we ordinarily give our friends & family, a mixed six-pack of our current releases at $150 bucks (works out to be roughly 22% off). 
It contains:
2019 Somos Biodynamic Vermentino
2019 Somos Biodynamic Aglianico
2019 Somos Cabernet Franc
2019 Somos Barbera barrel-fermented Rosé
2019 Somos Tintito
2019 Somos Blanquito
Shipping is free! 
It's been a hard season for the farmers as is, with drought, fires, and very low yields. They are also the ones that get hurt the most when the industry stops, as vines need tending to no matter what. Help us Pay Our Farmers and enjoy some delicious handmade booze.